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Dear Client,


In order to keep your event day going smoothly, we have included a checklist below for you and will create a beauty service timeline for you and your party 5-8 weeks before your even date separate from this email. It will be a draft copy to make sure we have all the things accounted for. You may make changes to your draft up to 2 weeks prior to your event.


Beauty for the Bride for the day

⃞ Hair Trim- 1-2 weeks prior to the event day. Hair color should be done about this time as well.

⃞Be sure to bring hair accessories or hair extensions if you have them! We also offer hair accessories as well. Please feel free to browse the website and let us know

⃞Exfoliate your face the night before the event day.

⃞You should also drink between half an ounce to an ounce of water for each pound your weigh, every day as soon as you can start.

⃞Waxing-threading-to be done 2-3 days prior to event day, we recommend having it done by someone who has provided you the service before. We also offer these services

⃞Facials should be discussed with an esthetician prior, if you need referrals let us know

⃞Spray tans should be done 2 days prior. We also offer these services.


Day of set up for Event

⃞Please have areas cleared for staff to set up hair and makeup, table should be at standard desk/dining room table height. Each service needs about 4’. So, if there’s one makeup artist and one hair stylist, you need either 2 tables of about 4’ or one large 8’ surface (including desks, dining tables, tv chests, counters, etc) Please check with the hotel or venue on how many tables will be in the room for furniture and inquire if they can provide folding tables id needed, if they cannot do so please inform us prior to the event day.

⃞Please have enough chairs for services for each artist/stylist working. Hair needs short chairs or ottomans; makeup needs bar stools. Please check with the hotel on how many chairs will be in the room for furniture and inquire if they can provide folding chairs, please inform us if they cannot prior to event day,

⃞Please have enough water for everyone and any meal time indicate on your timeline.

⃞Please know we do not set up in bathrooms for sanitary reasons.


How to Come Prepared for services on Event Day (for everyone)

⃞Please wear a loose or zipper/button up shirt or robe

⃞Have inspiration photos ready to show ESBC staff

⃞Please come with clean face, exfoliate the night before.

⃞For best results have the hair clean and fully dry, non-greasy.

⃞Unless you have scheduled a “blow dry style” we will not have time to dry your hair, Blow dries are just blow drying and light styling, if you want a blow dry and all hair curled and/or put after, you will need to schedule a blow dry in addition to your style service for an extra cost.

⃞Please have everyone there or enough for the stylists/artists at all times on stand by to receive services for time efficiency. Anyone late will forfeit time for their services.

⃞All add on services should be discussed prior to the day of event so time is alotted as well as add on fees accounted for, since there are no financials covered the day of. (hair extension placement/working with already placed extensions, extra thick or long hair, blow dry, adding curl set to a blowout, having Hollywood waves, tattoo coverage/tan lines, adding lashes to someone not on the list).

⃞Party and family should bring touch up lipstick/gloss


From our entire team,

We wish you the biggest congratulations and happy to be included on your special day!

Striving for the beauty of the client to ensure quality, satisfaction and open communication.


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