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Wedding Beauty FAQ's​:

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Is the Deposit go towards to wedding day balance? 

        Deposit is a portion of the wedding day, gratuity is added on full quote, you will also have a client portal where everything will be accessible and updated frequently

Can payments be made before the final week? 

        Payments can be made ahead of time as well as the time balance is due, the invoice will have all the information up to date per all of our conversations

What forms of payments are accepted? 

       Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, credit cards as well as payments through Afterpay or Affirm

What kinds of makeup do you use?

       We use high end professional makeup only and therefore

constantly keeping things clean, hygenic and up to date that

way we can fit everyones needs

What is included in the makeup pricing? 

        Makeup pricing includes lashes and airbrush or traditional,

custom matched and long lasting lip color  (not discounted if opt out)

Do you offer hair extensions? 

        Yes! Adding extensions can be purchased or rented for the day depending on the style and fullness of the look  

Do you stay for touchups throughout the day? 

        Yes!  Additional time to stay is priced per situation and can be found on the pricing sheet, it's called our valet service

Do you include touchup kits? 

        We do not typically sell touchup makeup unless specially requested, however we can create a custom kit for you based on your trial

Will you come on site and be able to accommodate a larger group? 

        Yes, we have a team and will be on site, each additional person brought to help is usually included, and coordinated per situation with experience and is an extension of me

Do you offer beauty trial preview sessions? 

        Trials previews are typically done in salon home located in Montgomery or onsite and help to give the full look you have been trying to envision as well as determine the finished look if you've been on the fence about hair up or down, a certain lip color, or going extra glam vs natural

Will you use other makeup, if necessary? 

        Yes, If there are makeup allergies we are open

to using someones makeup specifically and will research

options as well

How long does each beauty service take? 

        Each hair and makeup service typically takes 30-40 minutes each, and is consistent per artist, unless there is a curl set or added extensions. We will schedule accordingly though since those items will be discussed

What do we need to provide for the day of for you? 

         Please have ample table space : standard desk/dining room table height. Each service needs about 4', so if theres one makeup artist and one hair stylist, 2 tables of 4' or one large 8' surface (desks, dining tables, tv chests, counters, etc) Please check with the hotel or vendor on how many tables will be in the room for furniture and inquire if they can provide folding tables if needed. If they cannot do so please just inform us prior to the event day. 

We also will need enough chairs: hair will need a shorter chair or ottoman and makeup needs a bar stool. 

(please know we do not set up in bathrooms for sanitary and time efficiency reasons)

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Striving for the beauty of the client to ensure quality, satisfaction and open communication.


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