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The Makeup to wear with Masks

You can still look glamorous even with a face covering...

Creamy Concealer

Focus on one area with a concealer where you need it, instead of a full face of concealer. This also shortens makeup routine and keeps the mask cleaner.

Liquid Highlighter

Gel Like formula blended on the high points of the cheekbones for a subtle hint of shimmer.

Eyebrow Pen

These days brows need to wow and this triple-tipped felt pen creates natural, hair like strokes that last all day-even in the summer heat.

Metallic Eyeshadow

Rediscovering the joy of sparkly shadow can be exciting. This champagne colored shade looks particularly great in the inner corners of your eyes.

Volumizing Mascara

A few swipes of this mascara makes it look like you're wearing false lashes, which is an easy boost.

Matte Lipstick

Even if you're the only that can see it or perhaps going out to eat, a bright lip color can be mood lifting.

3 ways to Enhance your Eyes

They're just about all anyone can see so make sure they look their best..

Brightening Drops

Just a drop in each eye makes a difference to keep eyes moist and less redness from weather and screen time.

Lash Serum

Apply nightly and you will be amazed at how much longer your lashes look, especially since our eyes need to stand out more these days.

Under Eye Masks

Leave on for 20 minutes whenever your eyes look extra tired and puffy or even while driving.

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