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Beauty Herbs and Supplements

We can’t help it, we’re all a little obsessed with skincare. Constantly seeking out the best in beauty—including the cleanest, most effective solutions to aging—has become a hobby for many. Although it’s incredibly satisfying to give your face a daily massage with your arsenal of potions, topical treatments only garner so much success. It’s what you do for your body as a whole that brings noticeable results, and that can vary based on your needs.What does this mean? Diet comprises a major portion of it, and these days, incorporating herbs and nutrients into your daily routine has never been easier. Pills and powder mixes make it incredibly easy to consume high quantities of powerful compounds that address skin, stress, sleep, digestion, aging, and hair health needs so that you can glow from the inside out. While science hasn’t figured out a way to Benjamin Button us just yet, a few of our favorite beauty herbs and supplements do the best they can.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

PRICE: $60


Not to say these are in any particular order, but if they were, ALA would be high on the list—especially this extremely absorbable liposomal formula by LivOn Labs. It helps to boost glutathione levels, which naturally decrease as you age. Glutathione is incredibly important for breaking down the end result of glycation, (glycation is the process of sugar binding to protein to make energy we can use). The end products of this process are actually harmful, and cause sagging, loss of elasticity, and wrinkled, dull skin. ALA is a substance our body makes naturally, but due to diet, age, and stress (mainly stress), many of us aren’t making enough. ALA works as a powerful antioxidant and actually recycles other vital antioxidants like vitamins C and E by reducing their oxidized content. It’s also water and fat soluble, so it fights free radicals everywhere in the body. It’s the antioxidant that keeps on giving.


PRICE: $12


Sometimes called Indian gooseberry, the Ayurvedic amla plant produces medicinal leaves and fruit. It’s crazy rich in vitamin C; some believe it’s one of the biggest sources of vitamin C on Earth. This is due to the high level of tannins that preserve it, even during processing Vitamin C helps boost the body’s natural supply of collagen, keeping skin elastic. Amla also helps maintain blood sugar levels, smooth digestion, and tone the entire system, cleansing all of our tissues, including skin and hair.


PRICE: $38


By now, we all understand how important collagen is as the plushy structure that holds our skin up and keeps us looking youthful and vibrant. But it’s also an incredibly important form of protein, building up the gut and digestive system so it can function properly while improving skin health. Don’t sleep on this one, there’s no downside to adding extra collagen to your diet.