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Ingredient spotlight: Collagen

When we hear the word "collagen", our minds immediately direct to images of plump pouts and shiny, tout skin. While it used to be thought of solely as a mainstream injectable, we now know it as our number one supplement no green smoothie is complete without it. The most ample protein in the body, collagen is not only responsible for the "bounce-back" quality of our skin that makes us appear youthful and vibrant, but it also strengthens our bones, ligaments, and tendons and makes up parts of vital organs throughout the gut and digestive system.


The central nervous system doesn't regenerate easily on its own, which makes studies like this imperative in the fight against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. It explains that collagen, the most prolific protein in the cellular matrix of skin and major organs like the brain, is an important bio-material for brain repair. Although studies are still ongoing to decipher if ingesting collagen can support this process, the amino acid glycine, found in all types of collagen, plays a major role in boosting brain performance.


Glutamine, another amino acid found in collagen, supports digestive health and plays a major role in treating IBS and leaky gut syndrome. This report explains that it reduces inflammation, strengthens the intestinal lining, and helps regulate stomach secretions. Many diseases and health issues that manifest on the skin actually begin in the gut, so its a great place to start.


Collagen can be found in scar tissue and medical wound dressings because it helps form a network of cells called fibroblasts-- a strong, supportive material that boosts the growth of new cells. Strengthening the dermis helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyper-pigmentation due to scarring, and the dimpling affect known as cellulite. Collagen peptides in skincare are ultra-plumping, and when combined with actives like antioxidants and hydrating acids, can provide preventative and lasting results.


Drinking collagen (the main protein found in the body; think hair, skin, bones, muscles, joints, and tendons) every morning can make such a difference in the body; noticing a glow in the skin, healthier hair and stronger nails. It also helps the body recover faster from an intense workout by supporting bones and joints.

Collagen has unique properties that can't be found in other protein sources, which is why it's imperative to add into a daily routine. I know others love to add it to a smoothie or to another drink like almond milk, or even tea.

Thank you for reading ...plump, plump, plump it up!!

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