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To Fast or not to Fast?

Knowing how to start your day with the right nutrition can sometimes seem so dang complicated, but what if I told you there was a better way? What if I told you that YOU know what’s best for YOU better than anyone else? Would you believe me? I think you need to be your own nutritionist, your own wellness coach. I’m taking you on a path of self-discovery.

Often taught is the food philosophy of eating every four hours and within the hour of waking up to get your brain and body working together, I believe you if you tell me something else works for you. Most women thrive on eating smaller meals more frequently. If you eat within the hour of waking up to get your body into fat-burning mode and not just to look better. When you are burning fat for fuel, it leads to better moods, your hormones have better support, you are preventing diseases caused by fat cell buildup, and more. This isn’t just about the way you look, and when you connect to that, it’s intuitive.

If people feel tired, moody, bloated, or have a weak immune system, then it may be time to make some changes. If they say they feel great, have good energy, and are seeing results—well, why mess with a good thing? So often, seeing results and feeling well don’t go hand and hand, and this is where a good cleanse comes in handy.

Friendly reminder: the “fasting trend” isn’t really a trend. The name breakfast literally came from “breaking the fast,” so we’ve always kind of done it. If it feels right for you to wait a little longer for breakfast, then you do you. Just keep the word “diet” out of it … that’s all I ask.

Whether you’re waiting a little longer to break the fast or not, you always want to fill your plates—or bowls if you’re more like me—with plenty of nutrients and the proper macro combination. What is it about eating breakfast out of a bowl that is so satisfying?

Always remember:

1) Get your colors in.

2) Pair your carbohydrates with fat and protein.

3) Eat real foods.

Here are some suggestions of my favorite macro combinations. Remember, when you’re following these three basic guidelines, you will be achieving your fiber/mineral/vitamin needs too.

Egg scramble:

A absolute favorite meal (when have time) is: two eggs scrambled with cauliflower rice, onions, peppers, and spinach. I love it served in a bowl, of course, with salsa and avocado. And to make sure I’m getting enough carbohydrates, I add a whole piece of fruit. Fruit gives you antioxidants and fiber like no other food!

Overnight oats:

Less time, no problem. Pack it the night before. In a pint-size jar, add 1/2 cup oats, 3/4 cup nut milk, and your favorite spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla. Don’t forget your fat/protein, like nut butter, collagen, or chia seeds. Then pick a color, a favorite is mixed berries. Pack it and stir, then enjoy it the next day.


These are a great way to break your fast. Load them up with colors—shoot for at least two to three—and always remember those greens. I enjoy a half-frozen banana to smooth the texture, and you can’t go wrong with frozen cherries. Add your seeds, like hemp, flax, or chia, and a little collagen to boost the fat and protein.

Western society is always trying to achieve weight loss. The biggest thing I want to get across is that there’s no one way. The best side effects you should pay attention to when eating healthy or trying a new program is how you’re feeling. If you feel well, keep going. If not, make adjustments—eating times can be a great adjustment to try. Trust yourself. Push yourself to tap into your own intuition about what’s best for you!

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