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What's in your bag?


Routines are a very important part of everyone's lives, not only does it keep us centered but helps us to maintain balance for our beauty rituals inside and out. Many times cosmetic companies create beauty regimens so that we have the steps laid out for us and create a routine. Many people have to think about what to pack cause trips are usually only done once or twice a year. Usually routines are a repetition that has been done more than twelve times, so vacations take more effort.

If you have a list of your favorites or essentials that are usually used on a trip written down and put in your travel makeup bag it will take the guess work out. It will also be easier to know what travel sizes you may need to acquire prior to the trip, depending on the length of stay. Sometimes less is more so there's beauty products that don't have to all come from the same company but can be your favorites, which is good cause it should work to your advantage.

Recommendations include but not limited to:

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