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8 Updos for Prom & Wedding Season

Key Consultation Points to Consider

  • Indoor vs. outdoor event

  • All up, half up or down hairstyle

  • Veil or hairpiece accessories

  • Time of year of the event

  • Style of the gown/dress

  • Style and pictures of the desired look

  • Time of day for the ceremony or event

  • Weight & texture of the hair pertaining to the desired style

  • Extensions/additional hair

  • Where will the hair pieces be placed

  • Is the veil going on top or under the style

  • How long is the veil being worn for

  • How long is the actual veil Face shape and proportion

  • Weather vs. product allowances for style


  • Too much hair

  • Not enough hair

  • Style it “dirty” or what’s too dirty

  • What id the hair is frizzy when done

  • Longevity of a long hair down style

  • Picture interpretation and placement

  • Finishing the look

  • Hiding the pins to look professional

  • What size curling tool to use

  • What type of pins to use

  • What styling aid to use when

  • Using proper hair decor

  • When to preset the hair

  • How to pin securely

  • When in doubt practice it out


  • Strong hold hairspray/finishing spray

  • Bobby pins, hair pins

  • Small elastic bands

  • Large hair ties

  • Shine spray

  • Hot tool or straightener

  • Teasing brush

  • Volume powder