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8 Updos for Prom & Wedding Season

Key Consultation Points to Consider

  • Indoor vs. outdoor event

  • All up, half up or down hairstyle

  • Veil or hairpiece accessories

  • Time of year of the event

  • Style of the gown/dress

  • Style and pictures of the desired look

  • Time of day for the ceremony or event

  • Weight & texture of the hair pertaining to the desired style

  • Extensions/additional hair

  • Where will the hair pieces be placed

  • Is the veil going on top or under the style

  • How long is the veil being worn for

  • How long is the actual veil Face shape and proportion

  • Weather vs. product allowances for style


  • Too much hair

  • Not enough hair

  • Style it “dirty” or what’s too dirty

  • What id the hair is frizzy when done

  • Longevity of a long hair down style

  • Picture interpretation and placement

  • Finishing the look

  • Hiding the pins to look professional

  • What size curling tool to use

  • What type of pins to use

  • What styling aid to use when

  • Using proper hair decor

  • When to preset the hair

  • How to pin securely

  • When in doubt practice it out


  • Strong hold hairspray/finishing spray

  • Bobby pins, hair pins

  • Small elastic bands

  • Large hair ties

  • Shine spray

  • Hot tool or straightener

  • Teasing brush

  • Volume powder

  • Regular comb

  • Setting clips

  • Setting/working spray

  • Bun form

Classy yet easy looks broken down:


  1. Section hair 6 times

  2. Twist each section and hold with a small band

  3. Pull front two section toward back and pin

  4. Pull the next two sections back and pin

  5. Secure last two sections

  6. Expand or pin as necessary

  7. Set with spray and finish any smoothing necessary

  8. Add accessories


  1. If adding texture curl top portion of head first

  2. Pull back into 2 low ponytails (leaving out any pieces around the face)

  3. Invert the ponytails through the center of each, up to 2x

  4. Pull out pieces to add dimension

  5. Braid the rest of the hair down and hold with a band

  6. Expand the braid

  7. Roll the hair starting from the very end of the braid up to the head and pin in place

  8. Finish with spray and accessory


  1. Pull two small strands to center back of head and secure with a band

  2. Grab a portion of the hair under the previously secured hair and tuck up and around small hair strand toward the head

  3. Secure if necessary with a bobby pin horizontally

  4. Repeat step 2&3 with the rest of the hair, finishing with the center

  5. Pull out any pieces and dress the look

  6. Spray to finish and add decor


  1. Curl hair in vertical spirals or create 5 double stranded vertical twists

  2. If creating vertical twists pull out sides to expand

  3. Pull each twist closest to the face, leaving out pieces by the face, to the back of the head and pin into place

  4. Cross the opposite strand to back of the head, layering below previous

  5. Twist and pin up remaining hair at the nape of the neck

  6. Pull out and expand the twisted bun

  7. Finish with spray and dress accordingly


  1. Create a smooth ponytail, leaving out any pieces around the face necessary

  2. Secure with a strong hair tie (depending on the density and thickness of hair)

  3. Place a bun form around the hair tie close the the head

  4. Separate ponytail into 3 sections

  5. Braid each section into a three strand braid

  6. Expand each braid Wrap each braid around the pony and bun form

  7. Cover the form and pin into place

  8. Finish and dress the style as necessary

  9. Smooth hair to complete elegant style

  10. Finish with shine spray and accessories


  1. Curl hair with a hot tool starting at the nape of the neck and working up the head

  2. Add volume at the crown of the head and pin into place at the center back of the head

  3. Create braids starting at the top, front of the head

  4. Expand the braids to make fuller and drape around head to back and secure with pins Repeat depending on number of braids, direction per hair part, and desired look based on consultation

  5. Finish the ends of the braided strands with curls

  6. Spray to finish and set style


  1. Curl hair with a hot tool starting at the nape of the neck and working up the head

  2. Depending on the part, section a small pony and secure with a band

  3. Directly behind the previous section create a new pony

  4. Split the previous ponytail in half and wrap around the second pony securing with a band

  5. Repeat step 4 by splitting and securing each previous pony around the following and banding, will start to look like a braid

  6. After crossing over middle back of the head, expand each portion to fatten

  7. Curl the end of the ponytail strand

  8. Spray and finish as desired


  1. Depending on thickness of hair, portion out crown of head and clip away

  2. Tie the rest of the remaining hair into a low ponytail

  3. Create a twisted bun around the ponytail and secure into place

  4. Curl the top portion of hair that was in the clip

  5. Gently start to pin the curls into place around the low bun, letting them organically position themselves

  6. Complete the look making sure its balanced from the front, back and side view

  7. Spray and secure into place thoroughly

  8. Let the client do the shake test and secure any additional pieces that are loose

  9. Finish look and add accessories

*the ponytail can be placed low toward nape or up higher on the head and if so leave out hair underneath pony to curl and pin upward

Other variations:

Thank you for checking out these styles and wishing all the hair beauty to you!

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